To Howl or Not to Howl?

Howling dogs and Singing Poodle

To Howl or Not to Howl?


Dear Rolo,

You still get the urge to break out into spontaneous song? You know, that wonderful feeling you get when you let out that deeply-felt “Awwwwrrrroooooo” that fades into the ethers with your eyes shut. All to entertain your pet lover human.

Humans see it as howling. They’ve taken to tossing stuff at me. How should I respond?


Hound Harmonic in Fresno


Hey Hound Harmonic!

Oh yeah! I definitely let those howls rip whenever I hear a train whistle blow. Sometimes car alarms in the neighborhood do it for me as well.

What can I say? We’re dogs. We’re happy and harmonic beings. It’s chin to the heavens. We’re into full sensory participation. Sort of like birds, only different. Much different. Do birds howl?

As for humans tossing stuff at you…get on their good side. Put on a hat, dance. Make a cocktail for them!

Here’s a trick that humans seem to dig: when howling, wag your tail and toss a glance or two their way. If you hear anyone say anything remotely cute or endearingly admirable about you and your howl, look their way and howl some more. Eye contact is good. And if things go really well, they’ll toss you treat. Or a chunk of that pepperoni pizza.

That’s the sign of a true pet lover. They show appreciation for their 4 legged friends.

My favorite is starting a jam session. Get the humans to join in the howling. Just be sure you give them the “hungry howling dog look” and you’ll have them begging to shake hands.

And they’ll probably even make YOU a cocktail.

Be large and in charge!

Your Guardian Angel Pal!


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